Class Announcements

Dear Partners in Learning,

I cannot believe that it is already October! Time is flying... With that said, we are working hard in Room 614. We have an exciting month ahead of us. Please ask your child what they are reading and learning about. 

Upcoming Events:

Gradebook is up and running online!

Friday Folders
are sent home on every Friday, unless we have a shortened week. Please make sure you are checking the paper's in your child's Friday Folder

Teaching with Technology- Students have access to all of our learning programs at home. They can access Study Island, Prodigy, and RAZ kids at home on a phone, tablet, or computer. Students may use the programs as often as they like at home!

Passage of the Week   ​Students are assigned a passage of the week every Monday. The passage is due on Friday. Please make sure your child is responding in complete sentences. All students are held accountable for capital letters, punctuation, and responding in complete sentences. 

Franklin Institute Field TripOn Tuesday, November 5, 2019 all of the fourth grade classes will be visiting the Franklin Institute.  We will depart school at 9:00 a.m. and return to school by 1:30 p.m. The cost is $5.00 per student. Additional information and permission slips will be sent home in October.

Here is a glimpse at what is happening in our classroom:

Flexible Seating- 
This year, our classroom has been designed with flexible seating. Flexible seating offers students with choice, movement, increased opportunity for collaboration, comfort, and provides a sense of community. Students will learn the rules and expectations for flexible seating during the first few weeks of school. 

Our Reading  Program consists of  Balanced Literacy.  Essential components include class read alouds, guided reading, shared reading, independent reading and word study. We are currently reading the novel Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. In Guided Reading, we are working on identifying author's purpose, cause and effect, context clues to determine meaning of words, and theme. 

In Writing Workshop, we will begin learning how to build suspense and incorporate sensory details into our writing. Grammar rules will be taught and applied in writing workshop.

In Social Studieswe will begin with a quick review of map skills, and then move onto oceans, continents, New Jersey, Early Explorers, Lenape Indians, and Colonial America .

In Science, our first unit is on the Birth of Rocks.

Spelling- Words their Way -lists are always given out on a Monday and assessments are always on Friday. 

In ​Math​, we use the Go Math series. We will begin this school year with basic numerical operations. All students are expected to know their multiplication facts when they enter fourth grade. We will be practicing and testing on multiplication facts in class. Please make sure your child is studying their multiplication facts each evening.

Reading and Math Website Information


How to access this reading program:

Click on student log-in

User-name   first initial . last name      example      j.buffetta

Password- rams

Then, click on your child’s name and let the learning begin.

All of our Math  texts and workbooks are available online. To access these valuable resources you need to follow the following steps:
Click on Math (left hand side)
Click on Go Math (math)
Sign in screen: NJ, Riverside Twp Schools, Riverside Elementary School
Username: Six Digit Student ID number
Password: Riverside (make sure you use a capital R)

Study Island

Username- first intial.last name@riverside (example-  s.shumway@riverside)

Password-  rams

Scholastic News  Magazine is now available online in a digital issue

Directions to access website:

Type in the following address :

In upper right corner, click student sign in

Enter the classroom password: chewy5

Open your digital issue

Genesis- (Attendance and Report Cards for K-5 and Grading for grades 3-5)

Access through parent link on our website:

username- parent email address on file

Password- was emailed to you when you registered

If you forgot your password, just email Gerry Camardo at

Friday Folders are sent home every Friday. Please review all papers with your child and sign and return any papers stamped by Monday.  Thank you!

Snack Time
Please make sure you pack a small, healthy snack every day. Our lunch time is not until 12:30 p.m.  Remember, no juice boxes or soda, but you may drink water all day long.

Class Wish List
glue dots
cardstock - white or colored

Scholastic Book Club- 
Book orders are placed each month. Ordering books is optional. Parents may order and pay online or send in the order with a check made payable to Scholastic Book Club or exact amount of cash. Our online class code is : GQN4T