Riverside Elementary School

Riverside Elementary School

Riverside Elementary School is proud of the mission that we worked together to create: “To work to ensure that all students achieve educational excellence. Through a strong sense of community, a rich curricular program, an inspiring learning atmosphere, and a commitment to character, Riverside Elementary will prepare its students to become strong participants and leaders in the world community."

Riverside Elementary School is also proud of its commitment to providing rigorous academic programs. These programs will prepare our students to meet the growing challenges of the Middle School and the New Jersey Assessment of Skills tests (NJASK). In addition to challenging our students academically, we teach our children a sense of responsibility and wise decision-making skills.

We view our children as individuals, and our teaching methodologies reflect the same. We are proud of our full-scale inclusion classes. In grades 3-5, we have implemented six classes that contain two teachers each, a regular education teacher and a special education teacher.

In addition to the required courses of Reading, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, elementary students receive instruction in Art, Music, Library and Computers.

Riverside has implemented a four-year-old Pre-School Program. We base our program on the New Jersey State Department of Education’s Standards of Quality. Sessions meet two and a half hours a day. We stress reading readiness skills and social development. In addition, our students benefit greatly from a full day academic kindergarten program.

We have a guidance counselor that serves grades Pre-K through five. The guidance program focuses on enhancing the personal, social, and academic development of the students through interactions with the school counselor.

As part of our Character Education Program, a different grade level hosts one of six pillars of value each month. The cafeteria is decorated with the value of the month and student volunteers speak as part of the morning announcements, delivering a meaningful message each morning on the value of the month.

Each day, students lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance and make morning announcements. Students introduce assembly programs and engage in other speaking assignments before groups. We recognize student achievement in many ways: Star Student, Student of the Month, Presidential Academic Fitness Awards, Gold, Silver and Bronze Honor Roll, and Perfect Attendance Award. In addition, we have a Ram Rewards incentive program that encourages positive school citizenship.

Riverside Elementary School offers an Extended Learning Program (ELP). These students are part of a Gifted and Talented Consortium, a program in which area gifted and talented students join together to share experiences.

Education takes the concerted effort of multiple community entities. The students, teachers and administration are grateful for the time and effort of the following community entities: The Riverside Elementary School and Family Association, Riverside Fire Company, Riverside Police Department, Riverside Emergency Squad, and the New Jersey State Police.

The warm and positive atmosphere that characterizes our school is tribute to all its partners. Riverside is built on the strengths of each member of the school learning community. Through continuing curriculum and program revisions and updates we strive to address the changing needs of all of our pupils toward the end of offering greater opportunity for student success

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