Riverside Middle School

Riverside Middle School Report Card Narrative 2009-10

The primary goal of Riverside Middle School is to better prepare our children to become accomplished learners, people of good character and active members of our school community. We are further motivated to prepare and inspire our students to become contributing members of society and to participate in lifelong learning.

In preparing for the future we expose students to a wide variety of academic areas. The foundation of our program provides instruction in Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Reading and Health and Physical Education. In addition to these core offerings we present a variety of quarter courses at each grade level. They include Art, Computers, Conflict Resolution, Music, Spanish, Communications, Health, Home Economics, Arts and Crafts, Wood Shop, Debate and NJASK (New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge) preparation. The Conflict Resolution course provides students with skill and knowledge in resolving conflicts peacefully and in a positive manner. It encourages thoughtful problem solving and clear decision making skills for middle school aged children. The NJASK course in 6th, 7th and 8th grade prepares students for a successful response to a variety of written standardized test questions. The Debate course offers eighth grade students the opportunity to learn debating and discussion skills in an academic forum. The course provides students with the technique and skill necessary to successfully speak for or against an idea or topic.

Co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings provide students with the opportunity to become involved in activities outside of the scheduled school day. Students may participate in Student Council, Rambler Newspaper Club, Science Club, Student Ambassadors of Character Club, Sunshine Club, Peer Mediators, Spanish Club, Art Club or the Homework Club. The Rambler is published quarterly, with students providing all articles, interviews and artwork. The Student Ambassadors of Character Club provides the platform for students to lead positive change in school culture and environment. The Sunshine Club provides students with the opportunity to create gifts for those in need or who could use a little ”sunshine” to brighten their day. Middle School students may also participate in interscholastic sports. They include boys’ and girls’ soccer, field hockey, boys’ and girls’ basketball, wrestling, softball and baseball.

The middle school celebrates a Character Counts week at the beginning of the school year. This lays the foundation for year long character activities. The middle school staff recognizes students who commit random acts of kindness by “turning them in” to the principal for a Snappy Student award. The students receive a certificate they can use in the school cafeteria for a drink of their choice. A quarterly Character Counts winner is selected from all students recognized as Snappy Students.

Riverside Middle School recognizes the importance of academic success. Those students excelling academically are placed on a quarterly honor roll. Students who consistently earn commendable grades are recognized at an awards assembly at the close of the school year. Top students at each grade level are named Students of the Month and Star Students. Students of the Month are invited to attend a Board of Education meeting where they are publicly recognized for their achievement, dedication and contribution to the school and community. All eligible eighth grade students participate in a June Promotion ceremony held in the school gymnasium. This serves as the culminating experience for our eighth grade students.

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